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Evony TKR Tips

Why Another Evony Tips Site

Tips for Budget Gamers

There are lots of sites out there with tips on playing Evony. Why am I creating yet another? I find that the advice I am giving younger and/or less knowledgable players differs from what I find on any single site out there. This is largely because so many of the sites are targeted on people who spend far more on the game than I do. While they have tons of very valuable info, figuring out the right course for the player with a smaller budget can be a real challenge. This site is based on my experiences playing on a more limited budget.

Much of the information here comes from other authors’ work on other sites. In particular, I am heavily relying on the work of:

Many thanks to the incredible work put forth by those who have come before me on these sites in documenting Evony TKR.

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