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Evaluating Generals

I’ve been watching John Wick’s videos and while a general with a specialized buff will theoretically be stronger, they are more specialized and will be weaker for corresponding use cases. I’m thus increasingly inclined to penalize a general for having an adverb on his/her buff unless being evaluated for a specialty role.

  • I am unsure how much to count death into wounded. It definitely helps your survivability, but both in battlefield and SvS “death” is modified drastically anyway. I have heard rumors that this is a misleading name for the actual buff, and that it, and the “Mortality” Monarch Talent actually affect your HP directly. I cannot find any solid documentation on this.

    For now I am not using that buff. If you are on a BoB server where actual troop death is a serious concern, then you probably ought to just bubble up and not worry about your generals anyway, or cut your losses and find a new server.

  • I am unsure how to count wounded to death. This follows from death into wounded. How much does it actually hurt the other person in either SvS or Battlefield? Does it affect Monster hunting at all? It is currently ignored as well.

  • There is at least one general with a “during SvS” buff. I am inclined to discount this as well. This site is targeted at people who need to be able to use their generals in all PvP use cases. Having separate PvP and PvM generals will be difficult enough.

  • Rally capacity is an interesting buff for members of well organized alliances. It can help with World Boss, very large monsters you are (as an alliance) willing to accept wounded on, and of course both SvS and
    Battlefield. However, while it might be nice to know, I do not think it can or should truly do more than tip the balance between two otherwise very close pairs. I am not currently displaying it, though I may do so in the future. I certainly won’t use it to compute scores as I look at that aspect of ranking pairs.

  • I am counting an attack debuff towards a general’s defense buffs on the understanding that if the opposing general can attack less, my defense is that much stronger.

  • I am counting either an HP or Defense debuff towards a general’s attack debuff. The working theory is that either an HP or Defense debuff makes my attack more effective, thus effectively stronger.

  • I am counting neither of the above two debuff line items when considering Monsters unless the debuff is labeled “against monsters”. I do not think standard debuffs apply to monsters.