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Siege General Pairs

When looking at siege generals, you need to consider your use case. There are two use cases.

  • Attacking
    • Siege bomb rallies
    • Stealing massive amounts of RSS from an otherwise dead keep.
    • Attacking a keep on your own
    • The first march intending to hold a building
  • Reinforcing
    • Sending siege to an alliance member’s keep
    • Sending siege to reinforce a building an alliance member already owns

Unfortunately, the generals that are good at the attacking use case are at best mediocre for the reinforcing use case. However, unlike other troop types, with siege we find that while the best reinforcing pairs will not be the absolute best attack pairs, they will not be unnacceptably bad either. Light spenders should look at the reinforcing table and accept that their siege attack pair will never be optimized for attacking. Since siege repair requires gems, the repair bill alone would probably preclude siege attacks for these players anyway.

Attacking Pairs

Reinforcing Pairs