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Boss Hunting Overview

The beginning of hunting

You have read Getting Started and now you are hunting for boss monsters. While Evony provides bosses in all sorts of sizes for all different sized keeps, the significant rewards start around the time you can kill a griffin or a thief. This will be approximately when you get a march that holds 150,000 t10 mounted troops with your monster hunting general pair. Depending on how strong your pair of generals is, and on other factors like your monarch gear, your research, and your blazons, you will probably still get wounded. But it will work, and because it has taken a very long time to reach this point, it will be exciting.

Next Steps

  1. Exactly what you can kill when starts to depend fairly heavily on
    1. your march size
    2. your monarch gear
    3. your research
    4. your general pair, and how developed said pair is.
    5. the gear your main general has, and what refines you have on that gear
    6. your blazons
    7. specialized duty officers in keep buildings that offer relevant buffs
    8. any buffs you have either purchased (such as membership cards) or won (such as keep attack buffs)
  2. Because of the previous bullet point, there is no exact point at which you know that you can safely hunt for something. The examples in the Reports section are just that - examples.
  3. You won’t care about your t10s once you have t12s.
  4. When you can train t11s, you do not need more than about 750,000 of them for monster hunting.
    • You will continue to use your t11s as a second, backup, march even after you have t12s, and as a third march when you get t13s.
    • Train a few extra so that you do not have to heal immediately if you do take wounded, but not too many.
    • If your 750k t11s cannot kill it, then more of them won’t help.
    • More troops t11s will start to matter again sometime around when
      • your march size starts to reach somewhere around one million,
      • your generals reach level 35, have orange specialties, and/or your main general has red stars.
      • you give your generals Ares or Achaemenidae gear
  5. Having t12 mounted troops opens up a number of different monsters that have been tantalizingly close to killable.
    • When you get to 800k of them, you have a good solid march. You can kill a lot.
    • When you get to 900k you can kill more.
    • When you get to 1m you can kill still more.
      • Just like with t11s, anything above this will require good generals or else you start to get more and more wounded for less and less effect.
      • You may consider having two marches of t12s if you do not care about ghosting.
  6. Your t13 march is probably just as good as your 900k t12 march when it has somewhere between 600k and 700k troops in it. The author has not fully explored the limits of t13s.