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SvS for Small Keeps


Contrary to the common recommendation out there, I believe that participation in SvS is open and accessible to everyone, as long as you are smart about it. That does not mean you are going to go out and attack anyone.

There are several numbers to keep in mind:

  1. Your positive points.
    • Once you win 300,000 points, you are considered by the scoring system to have “participated.”
    • Once you win 2.5 million points, you win your first personal activity chest.
  2. Your negative points.
    • As long as you have more positive points than negative points, you are unlikely to earn the ire of someone on your own server.
    • Negative points can be earned when you are physically on either server.
    • Negative points are earned when your troops are wounded or killed in a PvP attack. Wounded against monsters do not generate negative points.

Now that we have these things firmly in mind, how do you, as a small keep, participate?

Totally safe things to do

  1. Statues of Ares are worth 100,000 points each when visited on your own server. Find three of these and you are a “participant.”
  2. Fire Spirits are worth 1,500 points when visited on your own server. These are actually fairly numerous. They also give healing speed-ups. Visit as many of these as you can.

If you are willing to invest enough time, I have proven (to myself) that it is possible, though very difficult, to even earn your first personal activity chest from these two things alone.

High Risk, Medium Reward Activities

For much higher points, you can also teleport to the other server. Before you do so, several things.

  1. Spend some time scanning the other server and creating bookmarks of monsters to kill, fire spirits to visit, and (if you can) ares statues.
  2. Set a timer. When you first arrive on the other server, you will get a red colored bubble. This will last for five minutes. You want to leave the enemy server BEFORE this bubble expires.
  3. The game will not warn you when your bubble expires in any noticeable way. See the previous point
  4. Attacking a player’s keep, tile, relic, camp, temple, or anything else will cause your bubble to drop immediately.
  5. Killing boss monsters gives more points than killing normal monsters.
  6. Boss monsters are scored by level, not power. So a normal boss level 5 might be worth more than an event boss level 1, even though the event boss is much harder to kill and gives much better things. Are you on the other server for loot, or points? (There is a correct answer to this question - Points.)

This is a great way to earn points. However, it is also a great way to stay too long by accident, and end up being attacked. If that happens, you will not only have a huge cost in healing, you will have earned a lot of negative points for your server and upset a bunch of keeps that are more powerful than you are.