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Peace Time Sub-City Mayors

Periodically someone asks about Catherine II, or another of the peace time subcity mayors. To answer this question, we need to compare the two following generals.

Catherine II

Catherine II This instance of Catherine II has been only partially cultivated.

  • Leadership: +201
  • Attack: +119
  • Defense: +143
  • Politics: +214


Harald This instance of Harald has been extensively cultivated.

  • Leadership: +500
  • Attack: +258
  • Defense: +284
  • Politics: +500

Both mayors have been put on the same subcity in turn. Mayor number 1, Catherine, results in an average training speed of +329.79% while mayor number 2, Harald, results in an average speed of +441.2%. Thus, despite Catherine’s special skill, Domination, giving her a training speed boost of 35% to Harald’s 25% Level 4 Training Speed skill book, he is able to train troops faster.

If I were willing to give Catherine the extra two stars, and to cultivate her to an equal extent, I have no doubt that she would outperform Harald. The question is, given how many gems are involved in cultivating mayors up to that level, can you afford to do so to two sets of them?

This is one of those places in Evony where you need to make a decision on your spending levels. If you want to have peace time subcity mayors, be prepared to invest significant amounts of gems, rune stones, and medals in them. If you are not willing to do so, your more fully developed war time generals will probably provide better training, construction, and gold bonuses than a poorly developed set of peace time generals.