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Picking your wall generals

When you first start out, you ought to be ghosting your troops whenever you might be attacked. As a result, your Wall generals are not going to help you any because they will not have any troops to lead. Focus on your ranged and mounted generals first.

While you are busy developing these other generals, keep your eye out for Shajar al-Durr. If you find her in the tavern (or win her in an event), she makes an excellent peace time wall general. She will help you get the resources you need to do other things.

Eventually however you are ready to grow beyond ghosting and to do that, you need to have a good set of wall generals. Moreover, you need to have them fairly well-developed already, not brand new. You thus must start developing your Wall pair long before you will start to use them, except maybe in Battlefield.

George Dewey is available in the General’s Chest in the Tavern. He is unquestionably the best main wall defense general available for those who do not spend heavily. Collect every fragment and copy of him that you can. You need a total of 16 copies of him - one to use, the others in the form of fragments.1

Looking at your troops in your Rally Spot, mentally subtract out your main PvP march. You want to think about what is left when that is out attacking someone.

  • If the remainder is mostly mounted troops, pick Queen Boudica for your assistant wall general.
  • If the remainder is mostly ground troops, pick Robert the Bruce as your assistant wall general.
  • If the remainder is mostly ranged or siege class troops, look at what is the next most numerous type.
    • If the next most numerous type is ground, pick between Robert the Bruce and Tran Hung Dao. The former makes your ground troops stronger, the latter focuses on your siege while helping your ground troops.
    • If the next most numerous type is mounted, pick Queen Boudica.

If none of these describe you, then consider Ly Thuong Kiet, but you really ought to question if you are ready to engage in PvP yet.


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