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Evaluating Relative Strength of Pairs

As I have said, most sites offering ratings of generals have flaws. While I personally have really appreciated the work done on EvonyAnswers, I find that even it falls down when I do not want, or cannot afford, to split my attention between separate generals for attack and re-enforcement, or want to know what is the best pair for a secondary use case that will receive less attention.

This hopes to help partially close that gap. Unlike most sites, I am evaluating pairs, not individual generals. Unlike even EvonyAnswers, which does evaluate pairs, I am not making judgements about which attributes you might need. I simply provide filtering so that only buffs that apply to the use case you select get used when computing how much of each kind of buff that pair will bring to the table.

Like all my pages, this is a work in progress. I hope to do more with it over time. Right now the lists of generals are based on static assessment of which generals do and do not conflict, thus it is possible that there are both false positives and false negatives. It also currently has a very small set of generals. I hope to expand that over time.

Don’t see the general you want to compare? Go to the General Yaml Creator and fill in the values. You can submit it to me any time the box on the right is green, but the more information you provide, the less I have to find before I can post it.

  • Standard skill books
    • If a general conflicts no matter where in the pair this book is used, you will see an orange dot next to the general’s name.
    • If the general conflicts only if he or she does not personally have that skill book, you will see a blue dot next to his or her name.
    • In either case, any skill book(s) you yourself add are not counted towards buffs at this time.
  • General Covenants are not counted towards buffs at this time.
  • General Soul Binding is not counted towards buffs at this time.
  • Buffs that require a Spiritual Beast or Dragon to activate are indicated by a magenta (pink) dot next to the general’s name. This will override a blue
  • Gray dots means there are no special considerations. dot, but not an orange dot.