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Miscellaneous Generals You Ought to Have

Interestingly, this advice applies almost equally well to both free players and light spenders.

While you can get lucky, you are best off waiting until your tavern is at level 27, or even better, at level 30, before you invest significant gems refreshing its options looking for generals. With each level up, the odds of getting a good general in the tavern goes up in small, but noticeable increments. By keep 27 the consensus seems to be that you start to have a reasonable chance of getting the general(s) you want within a couple thousand refreshes.

Yes, that is right, I said a couple thousand. And yes, these do need to all be done at the same time, because something about the lottery engine behind the tavern detects multiple sequential refreshes and slowly improves your odds with each click of the refresh button. And yes, this is takes a lot of gems. That is why you start saving early, and do not waste gems trying before your tavern is at the appropriate level.

When you go into the tavern to start refreshing like crazy, you are looking for several different things.

  1. Mayors for your sub cities.
  2. Extra copies of generals you picked in other sections of this guide.
  3. Copies of Queen Jindock. You want five copies to use, and maybe a few spare for fragments that you will someday use. You will use her for gathering RSS from tiles.
  4. Copies of Theodora You want at least four copies, and no more than your number of marches. Do not bother ascending this general.
  5. Copies of Baibars. Take the number of marches you have, and subtract from this the number of copies of Theodora you have. The result is the number of Baibars you should have.
  6. If you see Amir Timur, having one copy of him to send to relics can be useful. Load is the only statistic that matters for relics. The higher your load, the more you bring home. Nothing else matters. You can influence the speed of relic exploration with research, but nothing your general is or does will matter. Amir also makes a useful assistant if you find an empty keep that for some reason has a ton of available RSS.
  7. Some Duty generals are also available in the tavern.
  8. Certain generals necessary for the General’s Hall are available in the tavern. If these generals come up, get them. However, if they are not listed somewhere in these recommendation pages, you are going to keep them just long enough to restart the game, and then sell them. Restarting the game seems to ensure that the credit for having the general persists. Otherwise, occasionally the game will forget that you had the general. Yes this is a bug, and restarting should not be necessary. Yes buying and selling a general seems like a waste of gold, however the things that activating your general’s hall unlocks is worth the cost.